Friday, 28 May 2010

Jason Derulo: Ladies, don't go there.

Okay, it's a bit of a posting frenzy tonight, but I've got to hone those writing skills- my CV made it past the first rounds of the journalism dogsbody position :-)

Anyway. Jason Derulo is currently rubbing himself and some young lady who is working tight black leather. Now this isn't about his obsession with singing his own name or synthing Jay jay jay Arrrrr. It's not even about this Beluga Heights thing; that's been mentioned before.

My issue (it's fair to call it that) is his song lyrics. Oops I slept with someone else, but don't worry, because when I'm in a position to I will attempt to buy your affection. And as for that "In My Head" song...

Ladies, picture the scene. You're at the club, maybe he's right. Maybe you are looking for love and that's the whole reason for you attending. Across the dance floor, a handsome stranger catches your eye. Your eyes meet. Could it be destiny? He dances over, bends down and says, "In my head I see you all over me, in my head you fulfil my fantasy, I can see you going down..."

How do you respond? Maybe you're the kind of girl who goes in for being sexually objectified for the way she looks and you are won over by his attempts at seduction. In that case I suggest you seek counselling for some major self esteem issues. Me? I'm afraid it would be a case of punch first, ask questions later.

What a little creep.

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