Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Almost Forgotten Birthday :S

I remembered today that my little sister's birthday is in five days time. This means that I had almost forgotten. I won't forget again now, but it does limit the time, thought and preparation that I can put into her present.

So what do you give the girl who is about to turn twenty?

Her interests currently revolve around facebooking... partying... a bit of film, a bit of reading... fashion in so far as she has money... she's about to move into a house with her friends for her second year of university. My grandmother has already called cleaning products and an apron.

Any suggestions? Money or a gift voucher seem a bit boring....


  1. Thanks for your comment! You're right, my header is the catch phrase from my favourite movie of all time :) (insert drool over guillaume canet here).

    My sister turned 19 a few months ago and I gave her a gift certificate to her favourite cafe, a t-shirt and an earings/necklace set.

    Good luck! I am sure she will love whatever you come up with.

  2. Thanks Anait. I'm in love with Guillaume Canet too, I think it's so perfect that he's actually with Marion Cotillard now, their chemistry was perfect.

    I decided to get my sister a photobook of her first year in university published, but unfortunately I'm having huge problems with the website, even though I emailed me and they assured me they'd fixed the error. So annoying!!!