Friday, 21 May 2010

Local Free Ads

Do you read your local free ads? I do. I found someone looking for books for a charity sale who was willing to collect, so I gave her a pile and wrote the address in for Project Serendipity.

I guess for me the ads have the same appeal as The Leila Texts; I always wonder about the back story. Who are these people and what is going on in their lives that they are posting these adverts? It's become something of a fascination of late, especially since I'm on the look out for a career move.

Here are some of my current favourites, either for humour, intrigue or both:

Lift to Stonehenge needed for 3 people on Sunday
STUDY PSYCHO Reimbursed short computer task
Need help. If you got a ladder, contact ASAP
Male, 17, Hardworking, Can Do Anything
Personal Training, Anticellulite Massage. For girls only.

I think the one with the ladder has to be my favourite.

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