Monday, 24 May 2010

Driveway Violation

Someone who I do not know is parked on my drive. Not in a space I like to claim as my space. On my bloody driveway blocking my bloody garage. How rude is that? So I had to park a few streets over. And hobble back to my flat with my sore foot. I am so angry.

If I could safely park to block them in for the rest of the night without annoying other road users I really really would. ARgggh. It's just so rude! Who does that? Who pulls up on a total strangers drive and leaves their car there for the day without permission? It is 6:30 pm!!! Rant rant rant.


  1. Just had to comment because I feel your pain. People frequently park infront of my garage and it makes me want to arrrrrrrgggggghhh just like you. I leave rude notes. It does no good whatsoever but it does make me feel better.

  2. Thanks Kerrie. I left a note in the end. They didn't screw it up on my drive when they left which I guess is something. And they haven't done it since as far as I am aware.