Tuesday, 18 May 2010


So, I sent my CV to a job agency about a vacancy for a secretary in business. Nice regular hours away from teaching... An hour later, the job agency called me back saying a school had seen my CV and wanted to offer me the same role there at a higher wage...

Nice to be head hunted or whatever, I'm sure, but I applied for the other job because I wanted a change. Money is important to live nowadays, obviously, I think it's slightly offensive to pretend it isn't, but I really need time to rest and recover from all my surgery. I don't think I can do that and devote the energy and enthusiasm which is required to be a good teacher...


  1. Oy, there trying to make it tough on you! They want to suck you back into the vortex! Don't walk towards the light!

  2. teaching is definitely one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had.

  3. What age do you teach Sara? I really enjoy working with the students, but poor communication, bad management and pointless form filling wreck the rest of it I'm afraid.