Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Extreme Heat Affecting Writing

I like to look at the map of my site visits and see where all the different people are visiting from. There have been people in Malaysia, India, Egypt, Texas, LA, Florida... incredible. But I think visitors in these locations share an important trait I lack. They know how to handle heat. And will have little sympathy with me here!

We've just had a scorching weekend in the UK. By scorching, I'm not entirely sure of the top temperatures reached, but I had heard night temperatures of 17 Celsius and day temperatures of 27 banded around for where I live. This will be a joke to many, but I cannot cope with the heat.

I have strawberry blonde hair, incredibly pale skin and if I go outside without suncream on an average summer's day I burn. I have to wear factor 50 plus designed for small children. I tend to find a cool spot to lie in with a book, then flop away from the heat. I get headaches and cranky.

I've been trying to rewrite a short story I submitted to a magazine, using some of their feedback. I want to write a frame to develop the main character further, so that readers will sympathise with their actions more. I know exactly what I want to write too. It is just far too hot.


  1. It's been really warm in Minnesota too. 95 degrees Fahrenheit the other day, which is 35 Celsius if the little converter website is correct. Not trying to one up you, it's not out of the ordinary for summer, it's just a little early in the season. I'm with you that heat is not a very comfortable thing to deal with.

  2. It was 106 farenheit at Wembley stadium when Cardiff played Blackpool on Saturday. Because we use celcius normally I had no idea it was that hot! Your poor wife must be suffering. I hear baby bumps make you warm at the best of times.