Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Life, Lemons and Seated Activities

So. I still can't walk properly after the surgery so I'm trying to be as productive as possible while not in school (that thing about life dealing lemons and making lemonade.... I love lemonade). I've graded loads of papers and gone through books and marked them. I have a set of class reports to write but I won't be able to do that until later as I need to log onto the school system remotely and I'm having trouble doing that so I need boyfriend to help out when he returns from work.

I took a break from teacher stuff at what would have been my lunchtime (to preserve my sanity) and made a cup of tea and bashed out 930 words (yes! in less than an hour!) for a small circulation women's magazine. I've submitted it today, but I probably won't hear anything for ages. I've submitted to them before and they took a while to reply.

I've taken some (procrastinating?) measures towards getting the house clutter free so that I will be able to spend more time writing freely. We got new bathroom shelving the other day so I've been sat on the bath sorting various items of clutter into who belongs to who piles on the shelves and that looks pretty neat. In addition to that I should have my new shoe rack and under bed storage boxes arrive tomorrow evening (never let it be said that my life isn't fantastically exciting) and I think that will be a great place to store bedding and towels etc that we just don't
So until BF returns from work to fix my computer (oh got a new external hard drive to keep my writing backed up on as well!) I'm trying to think about tasks I can complete while seated so as not to anger the offending limb before dressing changes. I think that sorting out my desk will be a good step- I will be able to writhave space for else where.e my reports there then. Look out for before and after pictures.

Before, it's a disgrace, I know. Though much of that is because boyfriend piled clothes on the chair which therein started a clothes mountain... you know the drill...

I'm not sure why that picture is upside down...
the file isn't. It's obviously trying to reflect
the higgledy piggledy nature of my desk...

After, much better. I've got a way to go... maybe find some way of fixing the hinges so my laptop isn't on a downward slope, but still. I'm pleased with my initial efforts. I have further makeover plans so watch this space or something.

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