Monday, 10 May 2010

On the Edge...

I've had a busy weekend, since I spent the whole damn thing working. Since I spent the whole week working too, it occurred to me- I don't actually have much of a life. I work a seventy hour week. So when you factor in sleep time. Barely time to eat and wash let alone live.

So, I've decided. Time for a career change. I've notified my employer. I'm applying for jobs. It's a little bit scary.


  1. Completely... though your reaction doesn't inspire confidence :-) I move with direction though. I have interviews lined up, and have to give my notice by May 31st, or I will be contractually obliged to work until 31st October... quirks of British Education system.

  2. It's good that you've figured this out before staying too long. There's a point of no return and it would be dreadful to be caught beyond it.

  3. Hey! My first language is Russian :) my teacher used to say that all the time that her subject is detrimental to her survival and it stuck with me. My bad! :) I meant vital :) btw this is Valia..Im using a friends account.