Sunday, 25 April 2010

Unsent Response to a Facebook Friend Request

I didn't send this but am beginning to wish I had.


Thank you for your recent friend request on facebook, unfortunately I am going to have to decline your request at this present moment in time.

I would like to clarify this is not because of your profile picture which shows you drunkenly exposing your buttocks on the roof of a car while your baby is at home (with who? I seem to remember you making the fact that you did not know the father's identity public knowledge). Nor is it solely because of your political views, though I must admit that this was a contributing factor- I cannot in good conscience consider a member of the BNP a friend.

I feel it is important that you know this, as you have mentioned in your info that you do not like "stuck up girls who think they are better than you". While your lifestyle choices wouldn't work for me, I can accept they are your choices to make, for better or worse.

The main reason I have rejected your friend request is that I do not recall a point when our relationship constituted a friendship. I have declined your friend request three times now, and I am hoping that this fourth rejection will jog your memory.

Don't you remember the five years of secondary school you spent bullying me? Because I was academically able I was a swot? Because I had ambitions I was a stuck up bitch? Because I took an active role in school life and was a member of various clubs and thus was awarded opportunities because of my hard work I was, in your opinion, given preferential treatment.

Maybe the (daily) emotional attacks have slipped your mind. Maybe the pushing, pinching, tripping, slapping etc. have too. They haven't escaped mine. Don't get me wrong, I've moved on in my life. Nothing that you did or said managed to hold me back in the end, but I'm not going to accept you as a friend so that you can snoop at my life now and think everything is forgiven and forgotten.

You have never apologised, and actually it's not ok.



  1. Oh and btw, I didnt make my background. I found it on the website for free blogger templates. Im not sure which one it is but if you google it, it'll come up :) I can look it up if you want me to:)

  2. Im not sure what happened to my previous post but I just wanted to thank you for your support and your amazon link idea. It was such an encouragment to get on my page and see a comment from you telling me my bombardments paid off! I would love to hear what you think of my book! Thank you so much for your support!