Monday, 12 April 2010

Love Lars, Hate The Zeitgeisty Report

I read this article on the Zeitgeisty Report recently. Ironic since, for those who don't know, Zeitgeist is German for "the spirit of the age". Hmmm. This man is really bitter and out of touch. As if any evidence was needed check out his greatest covers of all time list. Stuck in the 80s. In itself this might not be a bad thing, but he sounds like the jerk Jack Black plays in High Fidelity. An envious failure who scorns "the mainstream" and judges anyone who doesn't live in his sad little world to be inferior.

I posted a comment, but it is "awaiting moderation" so I will include a cut and paste here in case censorship is another of this buffoons passions. As follows...

Just says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Wow. An impressive article…. is this what constitues journalism these days? You look at a poster, see a young man with a laptop and instantly force him to fit the mould of a stereotype you hate. Have you ever listened to his music?

I’m not a big rap fan. But I’ve seen MC Lars live and listen to his music and the guy is talented, challenging and original. First rap that I’ve heard that references classic literature, disses crunk and speaks out against the capitalism of record companies killing music by not promoting fresh talent. He mocks the stereotypes that you claim to hate, but you judge by the poster. Yeah, this is what society has about substance, what does it look like before what it sounds like- and you a music critic? You are part of the cause, not the solution and I think that you fundementally miss the point.

You rant, rant, rant…. nothing is challenging, innovative… some bigoted slur about lesbians. What’s so different or interesting about you? Do you attack in others what you see as a flaw in yourself?

Not eloquent or anything but it really annoyed me. I love MC Lars, I think the guy is a genius. Check him out on facebook or myspace. Even if you don't love the great MC, you have to admit it is moronic to hold him up as a poster boy for something he doesn't represent.

Almost as idiotic as branding himself the voice of the spirit of the age... while living in the 80s.

MC Lars

Poet, comedian, musician, social commentator, Stanford Grad, genius, my personal hero of the moment and a really cool guy....

... I considered posting a picture and another link to the Zeitgeist dick but decided not to pollute my blog with his out-of-touch, creepy middle aged misogynist shit.

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