Monday, 19 April 2010

School and Volcano

I returned to work today. Tired and groggy, it took me quite a while to wash the fine layer of volcanic ash which has adhered to my car and makes the metal feel gritty. The ash further affected the school day when a few members of staff failed to make it in as they were stranded around the globe. Pupils were missing too; America, mainland Europe and Australia seemed to be popular destinations.

Some schools in the area were closed due to staff shortages. There seems to have been a mass exodus of teachers from the UK as soon as Easter break started. I'm obviously very jealous. Those who made it back were full of tales about trips to Italy and the South of France. So unfair.

The only travel that doesn't seem to be disrupted by the ash is the ring road on the way home. Traffic was as congested as per usual. Would have been nice to have had a nap while waiting in line.


  1. I normally follow the news, but I must have fallen asleep at the wheel. The volcano in Iceland is dumping ash in England? Yikes.

  2. Just enough to make my car windows filthy. Not enough to take impressive pictures of to hand down through the generations or anything. Though the weather has been beautiful recently. Not sure if that's because of the ash.

  3. Bummer on the generational picture thing. ;)