Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sound and Fury

One of the senior managers (you know, paid lots to sit in a room and come up with "new" policies which had always existed but were previously known under the alias common sense) gave an amazing assembly the other day. It was all about how there would be a zero tolerance of unruly behaviour and rudeness. That respect was the way forward. You would adhere to the rules for conduct or you could find another school.

The students were shocked and awed. I was a little bit in love. After all the times we've been let down before I actually believed that this person was there to change things.

Hmmm. Then today, a student "verbally assaulted" (school speak for hurled a vile torrent of abuse and threats) at me before being physically confrontational. What has been done about it? Nothing. The same senior manager will ask another member of staff about it later but didn't have time to listen to me.

This is the problem, the students will see through the bravado as soon as you fail to back it up. Sound and fury signifying NOTHING.

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  1. Yup. I've noticed this a lot with how people discipline their children. They carelessly threaten and then don't follow through. Children aren't dumb. They realize this and adjust.

    It's maddening though. It isn't difficult to understand that if an authority figure has no credibility, they will get neither respect, nor good results.