Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bathroom Gender Divide

A toilet humour free zone, I assure you.

I think myself and the boyfriend defy the normal gender stereotypes of men being wash and go and women taking forever to get ready.

I am very much wash and go. I don't wear make up unless I'm going out in the evening, I'm lucky to have good skin so don't need it to conceal anything. I just wash, moisturise, dry my hair and I'm away. I keep a brush in my handbag and a lip balm. I wouldn't be especially bothered if people saw me when I'd just woken up.

The boyfriend on the other hand is obsessed with getting his hair just right. To the extent that he reads reviews of hair products and buys them online. He will then couple this with hairspray- I never use this product he has bought it for himself.

He does tend to like to use my things though. He will use all my shampoo and conditioner (even though his hair is very short) and can often be found using my hair dryer. He doesn't use hair straighteners or fake tan or anything. He spends ages shaving every morning even though I can't even see what he is shaving off to begin with.

He has sworn me to secrecy on this but on occasions he has asked me to use make up to cover spots for nights out....lucky this blog is anonymous or he would not be happy with me.

And why am I complaining about this now? I was ready over an hour ago (even though he went in the shower before me) and I am still waiting for him to get ready so that we can go out....

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