Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Beautify Yourself Barbie Style

I'm not very fashionable. I can scrub up well, but jeans and t-shirts are my usual attire. I will occasionally pull a brush through my hair. That's just me. I've never been interested in playing with Barbie dolls, not because of any feminist issue (though I can certainly see an argument for that) but because... well, I couldn't really see the point. What do they do?

You can imagine my surprise then when an advert for this turned up in my inbox. ASOS, one of my favourite clothes websites because it involves me not having to try clothes on in a hot crowded changing room is selling Barbie dolls in LBDs which you can style...

I don't get why an adult would want to do this. I really don't. I saw an exhibit of Barbie dolls in a toy museum once and that was really interesting because you got to see how Barbie had changed through the years, and in a way it was a record of social histroy. Originally she was based on a prosititute in a German comic, and then she became this iconic toy for small girls. Now that's interesting.

I guess what disturbed me most, because I was a little disturbed by the advert, was that ASOS are actually running this feature with shopping options, not just for the dolls, but so that you can dress yourself as LBD Barbie. Seriously. You can buy Paul Smith "Barbie" bags for £65, with the Barbie logo on. That would almost cover my car insurance for a month. Who would spent that on a bag to make them look like a child's toy? I don't get it!!!

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