Saturday, 19 June 2010

World Cup Football

 So I was watching USA vs Slovenia the other day and noticed what I think is an uncanny resemblence between the little USA player Francisco Torres and Amanda Bynes in She's The Man.

Could this be why she has decided to retire from acting at the ripe old age of 24? And since she's the same age as me (probably a few months younger- successful people always do that to bug me) does that mean I can retire now too?

In an attempt to increase my retirement fund, I have been placing small bets on the outcome of the group stages of the football- with favourable odds. Knowing my luck I won't win, but you don't try and you never know.

Anyway, my bets are perfectly sensible, they just rely on England maintaining their current form (or lack of). All I need is for USA and Slovenia to keep playing their little socks off in their next matches.

Go on Bocanegra! I'm sure you'll swing it for me. You had crazy intense eyes last match, and I know you want the victory as much as I do!!!

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