Monday, 14 June 2010

Do you concur?

I've had a sore throat and been generally really tired for a few days now. Last night things came to a head though- I couldn't swallow, headache, crawly skin and constantly hot and cold. This morning I had a temperature of 38 Celsius.

Diagnosis? I'm hoping it's not tonsillitis though my throat does look like it's closing up- no blisters yet though. Either way I'm pretty sure I have a whopping "winter bug" in June. Who gets that? Oh yes, me. Great.

In the winter you know what to do with these things. Wrap up warm, climb into bed with a hot water bottle and sleep. Maybe fall asleep on the sofa watching a film. Plenty of hot drinks. What do you do in the summer though? I was burning up so much last night that I wanted to cry every time my boyfriend tried to cuddle me.

6am this morning caught me practising mindfulness in the kitchen, as I gave thanks to the powers that be for lemsip max strength. They've brought my temperature down a bit, but boy do I feel rough.

My advice? Keep your medicine cabinet stocked up all year round. You never know when germs will attack. And take care of yourselves!

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