Friday, 24 September 2010

Bad Manners Strike Again

I wrote a while ago about a friend of mine with bad manners. Well, tonight she's gone and done it again. I can't wait to see you! Let's catch up! I've had to take loads of painkillers today, and was feeling pretty rough. I mentioned my dilemma to my father, I wanted to see her but would only end up sat in her house while she sat texting people and ignoring me.

Dad suggested I should text, explain I'm not feeling great and ask her to come up. Done. Ignored. Didn't want to see me that much then? And I still feel guilty. It's so stupid. At least I had a pretty good idea how things would go so actually have arranged to my sister tonight. She's picking me up in 15 mins.

I've been having a hectic social life because of work recently (so ironic, since the last job actually killed it!) but have managed to put up some new reviews on The Book and Biscuit recently, so please check it out if you fancy reading them.

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