Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Fame At Last

I've made it on to youtube as a vlog entry.

I was sat talking to my boyfriend on the phone, and the conductor was trying to sell this guy a ticket, but he wouldn't the man wouldn't speak English to the conductor. I felt sorry for the guy, so stepped in. Then pointed out to the guy in Welsh that I didn't think making people feel inadequate was a very positive way of motivating them to learn the language, even though I feel strongly about it.

Anyway, we ended up talking for about an hour, because it's unusual for someone from our hometown to speak Welsh fluently and we had this much in common. We were talking about our blogs and video logs and he wrote the link to his down for me. I just came across the address while cleaning for my boyfriend to watch football, and found myself mentioned here. I am the someone he spoke to if you are wondering.He's quite funny, if you like that type of humour, so check it out.

I'm Queen of The Nerds!

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