Sunday, 8 August 2010

Bad Manners

I've been trying to catch up with friends and family while I'm back visiting and a few people have been annoying me somewhat.

Some old school friends have been sending me text messages saying how much they want to catch up with me because they've heard I was back, and could we meet up. So you arrange to go to someone's house for snacks and gossip, but when you call to confirm no answer. This happened two days in a row. I don't mind that they've made other plans or changed their minds, but when they were the ones chasing me, surely it is good manners to let me know that plans are off so I can catch up with people who do want to see me?

Then one of them visited me today with her puppy. It was cute. I didn't mind that it vomited on my carpet and I had to clean up after it (that much). What did annoy me was that she sat there the whole time we were talking texting people from her mobile phone.

Why??? If you have somewhere you would rather be, please be there! I could have visited my sister!!!

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