Thursday, 9 September 2010


Thanks to those of you who have already popped round to check out The Book and Biscuit. Things are in the very early stages there, but I have a few more reviews that I will pop up over the weekend and maybe some more book related fun stuff.

I've been cooking a lot lately. Now I have so much more time, I've been thinking of ways to fill it, so the last two nights have been a full on cooking extravaganza. Last night was Beef and Blackbean Sauce with fried noodles- that of the chilli nose disaster. I may or may not have mentioned that being unfamiliar with cooking with chillis I made the mistake of deseeding it with my thumb nail. I had a very sore thumb last night.

Tonight I went for a safer (not involving chillis) cripsy pork with stir fried green veg, salad and egg friend rice. I forgot to put the soy sauce in the rice which might have been a disaster, but fortunately the sauce was pretty flavoursome (maple syrup, pineapple juice and toasted sesame oil... sounds disgusting but was nice).

We're going to see Tamara Drewe at the cinema tomorrow night, but I have pancakes with smokey bacon and maple syrup planned for Saturday morning breakfast. We're seeing a university friend who is a semi pro photographer and is going to give me some help in that respect, so Sat night dinner is taken care of, but I have either a lamb stew or an old fashioned Lancashire Hot Pot planned for Sunday dinner....

How long do you reckon it will take me to put on my target 7lbs at this rate? ;-)

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