Friday, 2 July 2010

I stand corrected

Because I now have specialy orthotics to wear in my shoes and help me walk. These are temporary and will help with the disparity between my leg lengths and the compensatory over pronation of the right foot and the fact there is nothing very much left of the other foot to... pronate... there's nothing on the inside of my left foot so it supinates excessively.

Apparently, this is why I am really clumsy and walk like a penguin. Albeit a sexy penguin.

I have to build up my use an hour a day, because apparently if my muscles don't have a chance to adapt I will be in agony (nothing new there then) but I've done my hour today and I'm feeling ok. Two hours tomorrow!

I've got to go back and have special casts taken to repair the truly mangled foot, but not a bad day's foot work.

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