Wednesday, 7 July 2010

How Not To Impress Potential Employers

Use a  Microsoft word template in open office to write your CV and fail to spot that because the headings are automatically in block capitals that if the employer happens to click default formatting (so many ask for email submissions now) that you have a heading which looks something like wORK eXPERIENCE. No. I wouldn't ask me to interview either. I suppose they did warn me that some formatting would get messed up if I saved different file types in different programmes...

I've also realised after further research that my CV is probably not concise enough and doesn't really highlight my skills effectively. Annoying, but you live, you learn, and I'm in the sort of two week notice period now (school is out in two weeks, though my contract runs til August) so I can really throw myself into applying for jobs I want. Hopefully with more success.

A website I have found quite useful today is Give Your Resume a Face lift. It tells you how to improve the graphology of your CV in word so that it stands out. I say I found it quite useful, this is because I was trying to translate the instructions for open office. They aren't 100% compatible because the measurements are different.

I've thrown a hissy fit at the computer and emailed boyfriend demanding access to his copy of Microsoft word. I'm currently taking deep breaths and eating biscuits to calm myself. I have every hope that the instructions will prove very useful later.

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